Prep Your Business for the Holidays

We asked 11 women what they’re doing to prep ahead of time for their business so they can watch all their favorite Christmas movies without feeling guilty. But how can this be? Is stepping away from your business during the busiest time of year a good idea? It is if you plan ahead! These business owners know they’ve already laid the groundwork to maximize their earning potential and make sure their clients are taken care of. Take a peek and tear a page from their book, because every business owner deserves to enjoy the holidays!

7 Ways to Prep Your Small Business for the Holidays

Are you ready for a fresh batch of small business tips? We thought so. ;) Today we'll be making our list & checking it twice, because even though it's only August, the holidays are right around the corner. We're here to help you plan 'cause we don't want you to get a lump of coal for Christmas. We teamed up with 6 small business owners to bring you a set of tips you can use to help prepare your small business for its best holiday season yet.

Top Countries That Celebrate Thanksgiving (other than the USA)

Thanksgiving! One of the most beloved holidays of the year! Mashed potatoes. Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Sweet potato pie. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Turkey Trot. Football. All some of our most favorite things to enjoy on America’s Thanksgiving. What about other countries though? That’s right- There are other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving. So what to do, but to explore these countries traditions? Gobble up finches! Let’s set out to do some exploring!