Top 3 Travel Destinations for Capricorns

Quite literally, the G-O-A-T at your office, Capricorns still like to play. In fact, they probably need to with working so much!  When Capricorns think about travel, they think practically and responsibly without hesitating to spend a little more on luxury and comfort. Here are Paperfinch’s top 3 destinations for our Capricorns. C’mon, let’s explore Finches!

Let's Go To- Charlotte, North Carolina

We want YOU to get out there and explore more, so we at PaperFinch Design are pulling together some fun travel tips for each location so that you can start planning your next trip!

This Micro Travel Blog is brought to you by Kristen Diaz who recently traveled to Charlotte. HERE WE GO!

PaperFinch Picks: Local Makers To Gift This Christmas Season

As the holidays inch closer, you’re slowly losing your mind scouring all the Etsy shops and all the local makers to find the perfect thoughtful present. Don’t fret this year though finches, between our Holiday Gift Guide and our picks for makers, you’ll be stressing less and sipping more eggnog! Who are our favorite makers? Prep your wallet and read on below for the perfect gift-giving options.