Who is PaperFinch?

HeadFinch - Amy

 Pretty much all you need to know about me is that a few years ago, my husband and I wanted to live by the ocean…so we moved to the beach. 

I think that describes a lot about me: passion, adventure, following my heart, love and FUN! 

All of those elements drive both my life and my business. Nothing about me or my work is cookie-cutter generic. It is all tailored to the individual. 

My life is the perfect one for me and my family and the work (whether product or service-based) I deliver to my clients is the same way: unique to them!

So let’s back up…

I started Paperfinch because I got super into graphic design when I was dating my husband (gosh, he was dreamy…still is!). I ended up getting a degree in graphic design and started an Etsy shop because I knew I wanted to work for myself. (There’s literally a total of zero companies that would give me enough vacation time for the kind of travel plans I had!) 

My favorite part of Paperfinch design company is delivering unique designs to my customers that speak to who they are. My heart just lights up when I see my product and a smiling customer on Instagram! 

My business was a bit up and down and off and on for awhile though. Life seems to keep on keeping on and doesn’t seem to care if you have profit goals. My husband and I dealt with some infertility issues and so I had to keep stopping and starting on my biz goals to endure on the baby journey. (We eventually were blessed with our now 5-year-old little guy!) 

Throughout that experience it became clear to me how important it is for women to have clarity on how to keep their business up and running even when something else needs your attention. Let’s face it: when a kid is sick, something’s wrong at home, or an aging parent needs help, women are usually the ones there to make it all happen. But women are also running successful businesses that need attention too! 

So in addition to my design business, I started speaking and mentoring women entrepreneurs on how to keep their biz gears turning even when they're wiping noses or up with sick kiddos all night long. I love giving women super actionable knowledge nuggets that they can implement immediately so that tomorrow can be just a little easier. 

Because guess what – we CAN have it all…we just have to figure out what that looks like for each of us. 

For me, “having it all” means living at the beach with my family, working from home alongside my hubby, reading during any free moment and talking to animals all the time (llamas are my fave!).