Let's Go To - Osaka, Japan

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City travel guide: Osaka, Japan

Today we are visiting Osaka, Japan!

Okay, y’all - I’m a sucker for castles. Seriously. I love castles and history and beautiful architecture. All that good stuff. So this amazing photograph by Leslie with @wanderlogueco jumped out at me and kinda said “YOU MUST FEATURE ME”. So I did.

And I fell down the rabbit hole reading about this amazing castle. First of all, there’s a moat. I mean, a moat!! And it’s also in the middle of a city - so you get to look at it all the time. So far, so good. Built in the 16th century, Osaka Castle has survived many different rulers and played a role in the unification of Japan. But Leslie tells us the “majestic main tower has been maintained so well over the years and the iconic sea foam green roofs and gold detail still shine bright today.” And, thanks to this amazing shot, we can see what she means!

One of the best times of the year to visit Osaka Castle is in April, when the cherry blossoms are blooming. That’s always a beautiful time of year to visit Japan in general, but on the grounds of Osaka Castle you’ll find food vendors and traditional taiko drummers who make the area come alive with smell, sight, and sound. 
Fun fact: Osaka Castle was featured in the 1995 movie “Godzilla Raids Again”. Godzilla causes the castle to collapse. But don’t worry folks - it was all special effects!

While you’re in Osaka, be sure and visit the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Next to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta (shout out to my hometown!), it houses the second-largest tank in the world - it holds 5,400 tons of water. (Just for funsies, the GA Aquarium tank holds 29,000 tons…) If you can brave the trek to the top of Tsūtenkaku, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous view of Osaka city. The LED lights in this towering tower (hee hee) change colors every 2 months, according to whatever events are happening around the city. 

And finally, spend a few yen in Don Don Town - this is a must-see for those who are into the manga and anime culture. Those who aren’t? There’s still plenty of shopping. Also, sake.. Meet you at Hana Sake Bar. 



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