Hey business owner, are you feeling nourished?

Let me ask you a question - when was the last time you, as a business owner, felt nourished? How about, when was the last time you felt inspired, connected, and fully equipped to fight burnout so that you could put your best work into the world and grow your brand? If you're anything like me (and lots of other business owners I know) then you're probably thinking, "um try next to never, Amy".

What if that could change?

Imagine having the effectiveness and intensity of a mastermind, the calm centering of an online retreat, and the support and sisterhood that you long for. Well, it’s finally here! I'm talking about the Nourished Creative Collective.

So what it is exactly?
The Nourished Creative Collective, an online retreat/mastermind/community hybrid, creates real and meaningful connection through:
  • Monthly Masterclasses, taught by experts in their fields, that explicitly address the topics that mean the most to you as a creative
  • Monthly challenges that will keep you finding inspiration to take into your creative work
  • A private facebook group dedicated to connecting with fellow creative professionals who understand you and will support you
  • Monthly co-working time where you’ll get accountability and encouragement to work on your craft beyond the day-to-day client work
  • And you get all of this for one year with your membership!

Sounds amazing right? Right! 

Now I am sure you're thinking, "what sort of investment are we talking here Amy?", so let's get right down to it. The cost is $1995 which can be paid as one payment or broken into 4 payments of $550, or (until September 28th) into 12 payments of $225. Basically you're looking at roughly what you would invest in a one-time conference but you get to be a part of this for an entire year

I hope you are as excited about this amazing membership opportunity as I am! But don't wait too long to snag your spot. Only during the Grand Opening Celebration can you join at the special monthly payment price! 



*Purchasing Nourished Creative Collective through the link here will result in my business receiving compensation. I appreciate you trusting my opinion on the products that will help you better your business!