Let's Go To - Masada, Israel

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travel guide to Masada Israel
It's time to go on another Micro Travel Blog adventure and we are so excited to have you following along! 

Here's how it works: we believe that life is nothing without adventure, so we have been exploring the world through amazing travel photography (courtesy of a few wonderful friends). And because we want YOU to get out there and explore more, we are pulling together some fun travel tips for each location so that you can start planning your next trip!

HERE WE GO! Today We are off to Masada, Israel courtesy of Wandermore Photography!

The amazing top photo, by Michelle with #wandermorephotography, was taken in Masada, Israel – one of the world's UNESCO World Heritage Site.⠀

So, Masada means "fortress" in Hebrew and it dates back to the first century BCE. Doesn't it just blow your mind to think that people were standing around and admiring this view over 2,000 years ago? Two thousand years ago! Although considering this was a fortress, perhaps they weren't just standing around.⠀

Luckily if you visit #Masada today, you don't have to worry about invading forces. Maybe a spotty wifi signal, but that's about it. So just go ahead and unplug that sucker - go off the grid and go for a hike! There are several hikes to choose from - but knowing tourists start them early in the morning, to avoid the deadly mid-afternoon heat. It can rise well above 100°F - so bring water and stay safe!⠀

If you're not up for a hike, there's a cable car ready and waiting to take you to the summit. ⠀
To practically relive history, be sure and catch the Sound and Light Show - it runs twice a week from March until October and it tells the story of the rebel Zealots who hid in Masada for seven years. ⠀

Unfortunately, a wide array of dining establishments isn't waiting right around the corner, so you are going to have to head away from Masada to grab a yummy bite to eat. We've heard the Taj Mahal Restaurant in Ein Bokek has some pretty darned good falafels! ⠀

What does Michelle have to say about Israel? "Something I love about Israel is that you can find so many types of landscapes there! You can drive across the entire country in about 8 hours and see beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, deserts, rivers, old/modern cities, and more!"

Well, we've seen the desert....let's add the rest to our bucket lists!⠀


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Image Credit
Top: Wandermorephotography // Bottom Left: Rob Bye on Unsplash // Bottom Right: http://bit.ly/MasadaMapSky