PaperFinch's Top 3 Aries Destinations

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ram Finches! When we think of Aries, we think of fire and adventure. Guess we know our zodiac well because Aries are indeed a fire sign as well as known to be fiercely independent, feisty and constantly on the prowl for adventure. If that doesn’t sound like fire and adventure or a great heroine for an adventure movie, we don’t know what is!

With these fabulous traits in mind, we’ve scoured the globe to choose what destinations match your thrill of adventure for the perfect birthday getaway. Our top picks are complete with a custom pinterest board for gift ideas, travel style inspiration and travel guides for the destination you like best! All our picks pique your interest? Take our quiz located at the bottom of the page to help choose!

So lace up your sneakers, throw on your athleisure and get your game face on Finches- it’s going to be an adventure!

Chicago Skyline

Photo by Gautam Krishnan 


Chicago is a low-key hotbed for adventure on the east coast. What’s an ideal day look like for a Ram Finch? Well deep dish pizza of course! And much more.

If you plan on going to Chicago for the summer, maybe schedule your adventures around Lollapalooza or Taste of Chicago food festival. You really can’t go wrong with a strong music festival line-up or trying endless amount of mouth-watering food. Either sound like a great birthday treat!

No matter when you choose to go though, there are some staples to make sure to add to your must-visit list while there. Our ideal day? Taking in the Chicago morning at Skydeck, walking along Western Avenue (the world’s longest street), grabbing a deep dish pizza from a local pizzeria then passing out from a food coma on one of the many beaches dotted along a 15 mile stretch of the city.

Take one big gangsta step and lean back in time with a Mob and Crime Boss Tour. Chicago’s history is intertwined with a criminal past of misdeeds and mishaps by famous prohibition-era mobsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

To balance out the dark vibes of a mob tour, check out Second City Chicago for a good laugh. It was the starting point for many well-known comedians today (think Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Steve Carell to name a few). Choose from three different stages that offer sketch comedy, improv, and stand-up shows nightly.

Does Chicago’s deep dish pizza sound like the perfect alternative to a birthday cake? Commemorate your birth-stay with our Chicago prints, pillows and more here. And get more travel ideas from our very own Chicago travel guide here.

Buenos Aires

Photo by Julia Caesar

Buenos Aires

From coast to coast, we’re hitting international waters. Down south to be exact. Way down south to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This global destination is the closest you can get to fire and adventure. From the firey and steamy argentine tango to splashing around in waterfalls, Buenos Aires could be your ultimate birthday destination Rams! Our ideal picks? Let’s take a look to your potential Buenos Aires exploration.

Get ready to strut your stuff when you visit Plaza Dorrego, located in the heart of San Telmo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As night falls, the square turns into a hotbed of impromptu Argentine tango dancing that stretches into the early morning hours. Then cool down at the powerful Iguazu Falls! A special walkway gets you close enough to breathe in the wild fierceness of the 275 waterfalls that span 2.7 kilometers.

To regroup and re energize, head to the cobblestone, tree-lined streets of Palermo Soho. Grab a slice of quite possibly the cheesiest pizza you'll ever have at Cosi Mi Piace and afterward stroll through the trendy boutiques and cafes.

End your trip by taking in some local culture at the  Museo de Arte Tigre (MAT) located in Tigre Delta. Housed in an impressive, beautifully-constructed historical building on the water, you'll feast your eyes on some of the most remarkable Argentinian paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Photo by Kaitlin Muro 


From Chicago on the east, our next pick takes you out west to Boulder, Colorado where adventurous meets delicious with activities like rock climbing and craft beer go hand-in-hand. What to do in this mountainous city? Let’s tell you!


You can't start your trip in Boulder, Colorado without actually climbing a boulder, can you? We didn't think so either. You can check out indoor climbing gyms like The Spot Bouldering Gym (who have freestanding boulders modeled after actual famous ones) or take an outdoor rock climbing excursion like the guided Flatirons Classic Climb. When you're done with your trek, reward yourself by hitting up the Boulder Beer Trail. Self-led, you're in for nine different breweries and biergartens as you travel from the East End of Boulder to the West End.


Up for getting a little wet and wild? Suit up for a rafting adventure on the Cache La Poudre River. This river features outstanding scenic views and an abundance of wildlife that watches as you try to meander your way through narrow canyons and continuous rapids. Dry off with a mountain bike adventure through miles of gorgeous trails in the Colorado Front Range.

End your trip with a sunset mountain tour where you'll listen to nature's symphony of sounds that occur when night falls in the Colorado wilderness.

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So where are you going next Aries Finches?

Need help deciding? Take our quiz below!