Let's Go To - Chicago

A guide on what to see, where to go, and what to eat in Chicago, the Windy City.

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Hi there Wanderer!

It's time to go on another Micro Travel Blog adventure and we are so excited to have you following along! 

Here's how it works: we believe that life is nothing without adventure, so we have been exploring the world through amazing travel photography (courtesy of a few wonderful friends). And because we want YOU to get out there and explore more, we are pulling together some fun travel tips for each location so that you can start planning your next trip!

So get your travel pack ready because we are off to the Windy City courtesy of Madalyn Yates Photography!

We're diving deep today. Deep into the vault. The Doughnut Vault! ⠀

This sweet image (see what I did there) comes to us courtesy of Madalyn with #madalynyatesphoto. When I asked her about her Chicago adventure, Madalyn immediately told me "My favorite find was the Doughnut Vault! As you see from the photos, it was really small!! If you think about a elevator shaft, that is how small but the doughnuts were everything!! So delicious and so big! You should definitely check it out if you get a chance to explore the Windy City!" ⠀

Um, SOLD! Just their IG feed alone is drool-worthy. Don't believe me? Check out @doughnutvault for the sweet, sweet proof.⠀

And once you leave the Doughnut Vault, belly full of sugary goodness, you're just a short walk to The Wrigley Building. Otherwise known as an icon in the Chicago skyline. Chicago's first air-conditioned office building sits on the Magnificent Mile and, fun fact, is occasionally hand washed in order to preserve it's famous terra cotta facade. I do NOT want that job. #thanksbutnothanks ⠀

Keep on heading East and you'll run right into Lake Michigan. (hee hee) But before that, you'll hit Navy Pier. A Chicago landmark, the Navy Pier has over 50 acres of gardens, rides, restaurants, and shops. One must-see is Crystal Gardens, a STUNNING one-acre botanical garden. And yes, I DID need to use all caps there. Because seriously, it's really pretty. Their IG feed is drool-worthy too, but for different reasons. See? @crystalgardenschicago 😍😍😍⠀

One thing Madalyn really stressed about her time in Chicago was that "it was so easy to explore unknown waters by myself. I felt safe every moment; on the metro, using Lyft travel, etc!" ⠀

So all you solo traveling ladies, head to Chicago stat! And for a little visual tour, check out our Chicago Pinterest board here

PaperFinch Travel TIP: Going to the windy city? Start by planning your home away from home here.