Business Babysitter

The Business Babysitter  -  Get Ready to Weatherproof your Business

Hi there boss lady!

Have you ever had to leave your business for a bit while you took care of other things (hello family emergency!)? Me too! And I know it's not fun and you feel like can't fully concentrate because all of your daily business tasks aren't getting done and you're wondering if your customers are going to abandon you! So stressful, right?!

That's why I created these Business Babysitter worksheets! It's a place for you to list the things that help you run your business. That way, if you do need to step away for a bit, you can hand these off to your trusted VA or a friend and they can take over with most of their questions answered!

Business Babysitter - Worksheets

What's in it?
The worksheets walk you through the daily tasks that you do and prompt you to write down your business info, your priorities, and your top 5 daily tasks. It also allows you to add notes, important passwords and other info that can help someone take over.


How can I get it?
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