Top 5 Places to Eat in Denver

Denver, Colorado attracts people from all over the world for its beautiful mountains, unique artwork, and bold city life. But have you stopped to check out the food scene? As a Denver local and lover of all things food, I am constantly reading restaurant reviews and fantasizing about what meal I’ll have next. Below are some notes on a couple of my personal favorites.


If you’re anything like me, you avoid eating out on Friday and Saturday nights when possible to forgo the hour long waits and noisy atmosphere. I tried Cart Driver on a Friday night and was pleasantly surprised on how quickly they were getting people in and out the door. The atmosphere is cozy, the staff is welcoming, and the menu is creative. We ordered oysters to start and of course I had to try their Prosecco on tap. They fly in fresh oysters from several different states, and the staff is more than happy to give you a run down on each one.    

Cart Driver Denver  Cart Driver oven Denver

Photos courtesy of Stevie Gordon

The menu also has some great seasonal options such as their rotating seasonal pizza which had pear, rosemary, gooey cheese, and several other notes that just screamed fall. And did I mention they make the pizzas in a brick-oven right there in front of you? The only downfall was that every pizza that came out of the oven looked so delicious, I had to stop myself from ordering another one. 


A new-comer to Denver, Uchi has certainly made a name for itself. Their happy hour, better known as “Sake Social” is arguably one of the best in town. Not to mention, it goes every night until 6:30 PM- giving those 9-5’ers plenty of time to take advantage of their reasonably priced drinks and appetizers. 

While the weekends can delay your wait quite a bit, calling ahead to make a reservation is relatively painless and well worth it. Their Wagyu beef appetizer is definitely a star- not only does it look gorgeous, but the beef is so tender, it melts in your mouth. 


Uchi Denver

Photo courtesy of Uchi

For sushi lovers, head over to their sushi bar. While it is not open seating like their cocktail bar, the sushi chefs are incredibly talented and hand roll everything right in front of you. Just try to stop yourself from drooling over your neighbors roll- we hear that is frowned upon.

Uchi Sushi Denver

Photo courtesy of Uchi

While I am clearly not a fan of long waits, it is worth the stop if you can make it in during the week night or secure a reservation. 


Anyone who has taken a trip to the Source Marketplace downtown knows it is a “must see” spot when visiting Denver. From their industrial aesthetic to the variety of local food and drink, I knew I had to highlight one of their restaurants and Acorn seemed like the perfect fit. When you enter, you are greeted by graffitied brick wall and an open kitchen. My favorite part? The dessert. With a rotating menu and seasonal options, you can’t really go wrong- just ask the staff. 

Acorn ambiance Denver   Acorn Denver fire wood

Photos courtesy of Stevie Gordon

While it was hard to settle on just one, the Palisade Pears certainly did not disappoint. Our waitress was bubbly, knowledgeable, and full of recommendations. I cannot say enough good things about the Source Marketplace as a whole, but the Acorn should definitely make the list for any “foodies” in the Denver area. 


Acorn Denver

Photo courtesy of Stevie Gordon


Rootdown Denver

Photo courtesy of Stevie Gordon

Root Down is a well known name in the Denver community. With lines that fill the sidewalk practically every evening, it was definitely at the top of my list for places to try. Their menu boasts farm to table favorites such as fresh salads, seafood, and sliders. The presentation is creative, and the ambiance is unmatched. 

I ordered the arepas and the diver scallops. Both of which were garnished beautifully and had their own unique twist(and that was not just the wine talking- which was also fantastic for anyone wondering).


Root Down food Denver  Root Down Denver ambiance
 Photos courtesy of Stevie Gordon

Between the eclectic decor, fresh ingredients, and unique presentation; it is no wonder Root Down is a hit with the locals and the tourists alike. 

Root Down Denver
Photo courtesy of Stevie Gordon


Fruition Denver food

Photo courtesy of Fruition

Rated one of the top restaurants in Colorado, Fruition aims to please. Chef Alex Seidel is no newcomer to Denver’s food scene- as he is also the mastermind behind Union Station’s infamous Mercantile Dining and Provision(another must-see if you ask me; but my list extends for miles). Something that sets Fruition apart from the rest? They source their dairy and produce locally from their own farm. That’s right- Chef Seidel not only created these essential Denver restaurants, but also has his very own 10- acre farm. Talk about “farm to table.”

Fruition Denver cheese

Photo courtesy of Fruition

What will draw you in is the beautiful plating, but what will keep you coming back for more is the friendly staff, food that tastes just as good as it looks, and the fresh ingredients.

Fruition Denver kitchen

Photo courtesy of Fruition

-By Guest Blogger, Stevie Gordon

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