Top 3 Travel Destinations for Capricorns

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Capricorn: Dec 22-Jan 19

PaperFinch Design: Top 3 Destinations for Capricorns

You know that opening scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where you see all the ladies getting dressed to the nines in impeccably styled work outfits on their way to work hard for a job they are gladly a workaholic for? That is how we imagine our zodiac goats, Capricorn. Quite literally, the G-O-A-T at your office, Capricorns still like to play. In fact, they probably need to with working so much!

When Capricorns think about travel, they think practically and responsibly without hesitating to spend a little more on luxury and comfort. Because what else do you also think about with those elegant ladies from that opening sequence? Luxury, style and comfort (unless they are in stilettos).

Generally, Capricorns like everything planned and probably have an airtight itinerary that reflects their earthy sign- exploring historical sites and viewing the stunning landscapes of their chosen place to relax. Because if they are authoritative in the office, they will certainly mean business when they are on vacation. In the business of relaxing!

With all those characteristics in mind, where do our stylish and ambitious goats go when they need to kick their feet up with a glass of champagne? Here are Paperfinch’s top 3 destinations for our Capricorns. C’mon, let’s explore Finches!


Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

L.A. is for our Capricorns that want to keep it domestic in their travels when they need a quick escape to re-calibrate, but in the heart of all the action. Ignoring all the materialistic qualities L.A. may be known for, you’ll be happy to see its thriving culture via the plentiful art galleries, shopping, food and sightseeing!

Check out the Dolby Theatre and pretend to walk the Oscars’ red carpet. Splurge on a designer piece or accessory to add to your already stunning wardrobe. Or hike the iconic Runyon Canyon trail to people watch and get great views of the Hollywood sign. No matter where you plan to eat, there is a 95% chance it’ll be delicious.

You can’t go wrong in Los Angeles! Throw your stylish wardrobe into a sleek weekender bag and jet-set to this famous locale for your next getaway Capricorns. Go on, start planning your L.A. getaway by booking your abode away from home here!


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

This particular locale is known for its cultural metropolis filled with mouth-watering sushi, ancient cities rich in history and plenty of city dwellings to get your explore on Capricorns!

Filled with sky high buildings, you can indulge yourself in almost anything your heart desires in Tokyo. Take a stroll to the Imperial Palace to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. Or explore the colorful world of Harajuku. Maybe even take a ride down the Sumida River to take in all views of the city. Visit the Robot Restaurant then grab some drinks at one of the Izakaya Alleys. They have plenty of museums ranging from classical to a reconstructed kabuki theater. And of course, there is Disneyland! 

When you need a break from all this excitement, take a dip in a hot spring at the Oedo Onsen Monogatari theme park. Or relax by petting cats at a local cat cafe.

From neon lights to historic temples, Tokyo is the perfect balance of excitement and adventure to comfort and luxury.



Prague, Czech Republic

You can go ahead and check world history off your bucket list in this city as it has plenty spanning over a millennium. The “City of a Hundred Spires” has about a hundred different sights to see. Pack your walking shoes to make sure you take in every bit of this historical city’s beauty as it happens to be one of Europe’s best-preserved cities with never-ending streets, hidden alleyways leading to courtyards and the Old Town Square. 

Resting in the heart of this city, the Old Town Square reveals baroque buildings, date-night spots along the river, castles straight out of Disney and stunning bridges. This rich culture’s main keyword is Bohemian. Which is sort of the opposite of your style, Capricorns, but this vibe is infectious in Prague’s music venues and taverns. So switch your sneakers for some heels and a flowy dress after a long day of exploring and enjoy one of the country’s world famous beers.

History + Adventure

Or if you’re a Capricorn that still wants an element of work with their vacation, try soaking in history and landscapes with an archaeological trip! A different take on vacation, Capricorns can expect to literally dig up history in whatever location they desire! If you’re looking to take a trip to Ecuador, Archaeology Vacations is your match. Stride Travel and Responsible Vacation are two other options that pack plenty of destinations for you to choose from. I mean the word responsible is the name of one of these agencies, it was meant to be!

So does this give you the itch to travel Capricorns? It gives us one and our birthdays are not even close to yours.

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