Top 3 Pisces Travel Destinations



Pisces Finches- Happy birthday to you! A free-spirit at heart, people are drawn towards your warm nature and love of life. Some of your strengths include being compassionate, artistic, intuitive and wise. As for style, you are always eye-catching with your easy-breezy (beautiful covergirl) style. Clearly, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to be around you! You are magnetic with your flowy nature inside and out. On the day to day, you enjoy quiet time, sleeping, swimming (duh!) and listening to music. Like the true blue of water, you are one for pretty aesthetics. Especially, when choosing travel destinations. 

If you dream it, you find it is how we would describe you Finches! Traveling is a form of escapism for you. Like a fish in the vast sea, your water sign is dreamy and loves picking beautiful destinations that are a long away from home. So what do you look for when picking out a locale for your next escape? Water, romance and a tremendous amount of culture because your creative mind needs to be stimulated! Not that it’s a bad thing, but you tend to get bored easily. We can relate.

The following destinations are a true match to your Pisces vibe. Enough that you’ll be quick to catalog everything on your adventure. Make sure to pack your camera! People have regular FOMO over your style, but now they’ll be having FOMO over your vacation.

Can’t decide where to go out of the following destinations? Take our quiz or stroll on over to our Pinterest board customized just for our favorite water signs! 

OK, let’s adventure Pisces Finches! First stop? Hawaii.



 Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash

Lush, lush, lush. Lush scenery, lush greenery, lush food-ery? You get it! Hawaii is a tropical paradise. Kauai is a true feast for the mind, body and soul- and eyes. When you’re not frolicking around in Queen’s Bath, relax in the water by tubing in through the green rainforest or hike to Wailua Falls. All the water activities making you hungry? Grab tacos from ANY of the plentiful taco shops in town then head to The Fresh Shave to grab a cup of shave ice (not shaved ice). Top it off with a tour of Koloa Rum Company or head back into nature to explore the many caves, waterfalls and groves Kauai is known for. 

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Photo by Vanessa Lang on Unsplash 

I don’t know about you, but all our Finch friends are searching for an excuse to go to Australia. So Pisces, this is your official birthday excuse to go down under! Melbourne is our chosen city for you water signs. It is a creative haven full of art located right near a body of water. In between feeding your artsy soul at Melbourne’s top art galleries and museums, take a stroll down the city’s may graffiti-covered walls for a quick snap for Insta. Want to feed your adventurous side instead? Go to Luna Park to ride some rollercoasters or take a day trip to St. Kilda. Need your nature fix? Visit The Twelve Apostles or Brighton Beach! Hungry? Grab dinner with a view at Eureka 89 then follow it up with drinks at Rooftop Bar, a glass of wine at The Melbourne Supper Club or head to Father’s Office. 

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 Photo by Craig Tidball on Unsplash

Welcome to our wild card pick! We picked the ENTIRE state of Vermont because it is A) A true feast for the eyes B) Perfect for a road trip C) Keyword: Cozy. A Vermont road trip is a big detour for you Pisces Finches, but we feel this state will keep you happily on land. Go on a bike ride  on the Island Line Trail that is 14-miles long. It takes you on water, through beaches and on a ferry ride. Hungry? Go to Stowe for pancakes at the Dutch Pancake House. Have a hankering sweet tooth? Head to Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury! Take a picture peeking into the Stone Castles in South Hero, feast your eyes on Quechee Gorge, hike the Long Trail or take a look at the glorious aesthetic of the Rock Quarry in Barre. Ok, ok, if you want to take a dip in the water, you can visit Moss Glen Falls, Bristol Falls or Lake Willoughby. You can do plenty in Vermont! All the while staying in quiet and cozy B&Bs along the way. 

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