The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide To Treat Yourself (or your loved ones)

Let's be real here, Finches. Christmas time is meant for holiday shopping for loved ones. Finding meaningful products or experiences that everyone will cherish and remember fondly. Holiday shopping also means treating yourself! I said it. When all of your boxes checked on your shopping to-do list and gifts wrapped to be placed under the Christmas tree, it's time to treat yourself to a little something.

You've been good all year too right? Take the time to check-in with yourself and unwrap something for yourself on Christmas morning. Need some ideas? We have your back with some of our favorite local Tampa and St. Petersburg business! Here is 2019's PaperFinch Christmas Gift Guide.



1. Photography by Christina Jones

A picture says a thousand words, so why not make it stylish and extra nice with Christina Jones Photography? Family pictures for your 2019 Christmas card or treat yourself to some genuinely captured candids of your family in their element. Either way, you can trust Christina to bring the holiday cheer with her sparkling personality and expert photog skills.



2. Home Decor by PaperFinch

Speaking of photography, why not give your home decor a little pep in its step? We offer the ultimate wanderlust pillows, prints, gallery walls and much more to dress up your house for the holidays. If you're hosting this year's Christmas party, you might want to check out our modern retro Christmas collection!



3. Wellness Check by Sage & Sunshine

Get your mind right to take on the new year! We all know that the holidays mean bringing the holly and jolly, but it also means a ton of stress. Traveling, sold out items, the in-laws and Christmas dinner can all trigger to bring out stress buried from earlier in the year. Don't bring it into 2020! Book a mental wellness check with Sage & Sunshine to clear your mind and check-in with yourself.


4. Frost Yourself (from How To Lose A Guy 10 Days, remember?) with V'Enza Creations

What's better than pretty jewelry? Jewelry that's mindful. V'enza Creations focuses on the good vibes only mantra when creating her bracelets, malas, earrings and car accessories so that no matter where you are, the negative energy is lifted and the good times are about to roll. The perfect gift not just for yourself, but for friends and loved ones. We even recommend friendship bracelets with your closest of friends.



5. Get some face value with Boho Beauty House

What's better than the classic pampering yourself to treat yourself? Give yourself the ultimate skincare boost at Boho Beauty House. You can even make a day of it with your girlfriends too! You all have worked hard enough this year, time to relax and pamper. With your skin on point, you'll glow beautifully like your Christmas tree at night.



6. Give your closet an upgrade with Valhalla Resale

Out with the old, in the with new? Sustainable fashion and a never-ending closet is the name of the game with Valhalla Resale. Find your holiday season outfits here! With a membership, you have unlimited access to borrowing clothes. You can even buy them if you really, really like them. Go ahead, get your shopping spree on!



7. Get out with Theresa Chu-Bermudez

Plan to get out with your girls or plan the ultimate solo trip with Theresa! Travel done right is the experience of a lifetime and T does not disappoint. Her extensive knowledge and style guarantee you memorable experiences, glamorous stays, and wanderlusty locales. Groups or solo, she can do it all! So when you and your girls catch-up at your secret santa soiree this season and chat about that one trip you guys always wanted to take to Paris- do it!

What do you think? Did we spark some ideas for your holiday shopping season? We sure hope so! Make sure to check out Paperfinch's new holiday collection to spread the holiday cheer in your house or your loved one's homes. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Finches!