Smell The Roses! Our State Flower Collection Has Arrived!

Indiana State Flower

Indiana State Flower Print: Peony

Hey there finches!

You’ve seen us chit chat about our state flower collection on social, BUT we believe these pretty little prints need more attention. Because who doesn’t want to talk and look at flowers?

Inspired by vintage botanical prints and seed packets, the flower collection was created to compliment our state art. By looking up the state symbols of each of these 50 United States, we found that these flower prints would connect great with other state art to create a gallery wall in your home. Combined with the zip code art, coffee mugs and city art, there’s no way your home can’t be curated perfectly to show off love for your state.


California State Flower

California State Flower Print: Poppy

One of the cool aspects of creating each state’s flower print was not only the design, but learning about each flower’s history in their state. Some flowers were planted by Native Americans as crops to eat. Another flower (or plant) may look pretty, but don’t eat its berries because it can kill you. The Alabama camellia is featured on their state quarter. And Colorado’s blue columbine represents their rich gold mining industry.

Each state flower has an interesting history! Some flowers are even favorited by other states as their state flower. We didn’t even imagine that state’s could copy each other! You’ll see that a ton if you hop over into our state bird collection. The Cardinal is everyone’s favorite bird. You know what a ton of states like as well? Pine trees.

Learning about flowers we’ve never heard of in this collection was also a fun aspect. Who’s heard of the goldenrod? We hadn’t. That is, until we learned that it is Kentucky and Nebraska’s state flower. North Carolina’s state flower and Missouri’s state tree is the flowering dogwood - a flower that is small in size but bears that deadly fruit we were talking about above. Minnesota’s flower takes the cake though with its pink & white lady slippers. That’s right - those fancy shoes are a flower. Kind of like Cinderella, no? With our new robust flower knowledge, you bet our holiday centerpieces will be created to perfection!


Nebraska State Flower

Nebraska State Flower Print: Goldenrod

As you can tell by the flowers, birds and trees, there’s an overload of state symbols! That’s why you’ll see also see fish, animal and state motto prints. Together, these states symbols round out a full gallery wall. Will we stop there? Probably not. Don’t be surprised if you see a milk print in the future! During the research process, we noticed that milk was the chosen state beverage for a couple of states. The possibility to add more symbols to that gallery wall of yours is endless!

Now the million dollar question: Which flowers are our favorite? Hmm, well California because we love poppies. Nebraska and Indiana because those capture the spirit of those states. And then of course, Florida, since it's our state! No matter what your favorite is though, you can buy your state’s full gallery wall together or pick and choose your prints to build your own! Best part? For the gallery wall, we are now offering framing. That way, it’s one less extra step you have to take to complete the decor of your abode.

So what do you say? Let’s get floral, finches! Check out your state’s gallery wall here.

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