PaperFinch Picks: Local Makers To Gift This Christmas Season

Local Makers To Gift This Christmas

We all have that ONE friend that is hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for. It happens each year! As the holidays inch closer, you’re slowly losing your mind scouring all the Etsy shops and all the local makers to find the perfect thoughtful present. Don’t fret this year though finches, between our Holiday Gift Guide and our picks for makers, you’ll be stressing less and sipping more eggnog! Who are our favorite makers? Prep your wallet and read on below for the perfect gift-giving options.


The Messy Painter

Crystina Castiglione aka The Messy Painter is another fellow print maker! Her focus on detailed patterns and local landmarks sit pretty in any frame of your choosing. She does have an online shop, but if you already have that perfect subject in mind, you can ask her to create something custom! If you’re a newly minted fiance, she also does wedding calligraphy. Talk about a triple threat. Check out all of her amazing prints here!


MADE Coffee

From personal gift-giving experience, Made Coffee is always a good idea for a present! Recently gifted as a housewarming gift, the new homeowners are now happily addicted to getting their house projects done fueled by these local coffeemakers. The coffee is strong, tasty and contained in a pretty can. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving a case of this as a present. Bonus, having your giftee guess what it is is priceless!


Ellison Made

Nothing is better than a beautifully decorated home space, so why not hand pick something from Ellison Made? Another local maker from the Sunshine State (but recently moved back to our home state of Georgia, still counts right?), they specialize in handmade home decor! You know you’ve been gifted well if you receive a delicious smelling candle, a fuzzy throw pillow to add to your couch and a “sweater weather” coffee mug. Doesn’t it sound like you want to curl up and snuggle now? That is what this shop is all about! Might as well add a little something for yourself while at it!



Ok this may not technically be a local maker, but monthly gifts in the form of a subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving! The focus of this box is to encourage you to express all those feels you experience everyday with a pen and paper instead of using technology. So trade in those texts and send a beautiful handwritten note instead! These guys will show you how. If you’re not the favorite friend beforehand, your giftee will put you in their top tier with a One-Per-Week box.

Into the subscription box idea? V. Paperie  + Postmark’d Studio are also top options in our book.

So what do you say? Did you find your perfect present for that one friend? Tell us what you got them below!