New Year, New Goals, More Coffee

PaperFinch Mug Collection

A PaperFinch Mug Collection Guide

Almost one quarter down in 2019. We have all re-focused our goals and vision for ourselves for the year. With a renewed sense of rolling up our sleeves and donning our get-it-done ‘tude, what is missing? Your coffee! Or tea. Or kombucha. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, you can’t get it done without arming yourself with a favorite beverage in your mug! But ALAS, your favorite mug is chipped or fading away. Rats. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Well thank goodness you’ve stopped by, PaperFinch Design has plenty of gorgeously decorated mugs with travel quotes for our Finches with a travel goal this year and plenty of motivational quotes for our worker bee Finches! Technically, you can be both. Double the options!

Let’s take a look into what mug will win to sit pretty on your work desk while you slay away.

PaperFinch Design Mug

Adventure is calling... you know the rest, right? AND YOU MUST GO.

This mug will keep you motivated while you work, keeping your travel goals alive.

This 100% ceramic mug features our original "Adventure is Calling" design and comes in either 11 oz or 15 oz. Your call.

Shop it here!

PaperFinch Design Mug

Are you a wander woman? Do you know a wander woman? Then hurry up and grab this coffee mug! Trust me, your inner wanderluster will channel its energy to keep you focused on all your creative tasks at hand.

Shop this powerful mug here!

PaperFinch Design Mug

Live a Good Story. That's really all there is to say, isn't there?

Well, that and the fact that this coffee mug comes in either 11 oz or 15 oz. So also, live a good cup of coffee?

Shop it here!


PaperFinch Design Mug

Live to Explore and Explore to Live. It works both ways, just get outside!

This ceramic mug features our original Live to Explore design – with a pretty pink watercolor accent and modern typography, your favorite explorer is sure to love this addition to their morning coffee.

Get your explore on here!


PaperFinch Design Mug

Passion. Whether it's passion for travel, passion for learning, passion for coffee...whatever! You can celebrate yours with this trendy pink glitter coffee mug.

Please note - the glitter is not REAL glitter. Because that would be messy.

Glitter on- here.


PaperFinch Design Mug

All good things are wild and free. Like the ocean. Which is our fave.

This colorful quote mug features the second half of the the amazing quote "all good things are wild and free" on a trendy circle geometric background.

Stay wild with this mug- here!


PaperFinch Design Mug

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

This amazing quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson is lettered onto a watercolor whale and featured on our white ceramic coffee mug. Swim through all your creative ideas with this mug!

Warm up in the sun with this coffee mug here.


PaperFinch Design Mug

During a little work break, plan to travel more with this glass mug! Perfect to keep your tea warm, kombucha cold and coffee tasty. Plus, it’ll look real pretty on your desk.

Get it here!


PaperFinch Design Mug

This mug is perfect if you’re on the move as it’s a camp mug! Write while among the trees and sip from this stylish floral lettered mug. Or plan out your next camping adventure in-between meetings.

Camp out here!


PaperFinch Design Mug

Our last mug has a motto that will keep your dreams alive while answering client calls. With whimsical typography and a fun little mountain scene, this ceramic mug is perfect for those morning cups of coffee where you're dreaming of your next adventure.

Keep your travel dreams alive and well here!


We love coming up with new mug designs. Raise your hand in the comments below if you’d like to see an adventure travel mug series in the future.