Introducing the Nantucket Collection

A whole new home collection by PaperFinch capturing this iconic northeastern destination.

Kristen, Sidekick Finch here asking where are all my Finches at fixing to roll out their summer home decor? Keep what you have in those boxes because we have the perfect cohesive collection to bring the beaches of Nantucket straight to your home. For those with memories of this island, you’ll be delighted to see iconic ‘tucket touches included in this collection. Purchase one item or the whole Nantucket collection, but warning- wanderlust for an island getaway will happen!

I sat down with HeadFinch Amy to check out how the collection was created, where she drew inspiration and what makes this collection different from other PaperFinch Design collections. Let’s take a look shall we?

2-Piece Nantucket Coral Set PaperFinch Design

2-Piece Coral Set | Starting at $20 | Shop it here

K: Tell us about the city collection. Was it existing before Nantucket?

A: I came up with the idea of creating collections based around the "vibe" of a city a while ago, but Nantucket is the first fully finished one that we're releasing. I wanted people to be able to mix and match their Paperfinch products to create a feel in their home - maybe urban, maybe coastal, maybe southwestern - and take the "what goes together" worry out of it for them!

K: Why Nantucket though? What drew you to this city?

It actually started out as Boston. But then, through the design process, it ended up being a lot softer than I anticipated. Originally I started out with deep blues and oranges - to capture the harbor and the historic feel of Boston. But, as it usually happens, the designs took on a life of their own and guided me towards a softer blue, pink, and Nantucket red. And I couldn't be happier. When all was said and done, it seemed a bit more coastal and soothing than I felt merited the name 'Boston'. So it became Nantucket! And the famous Nantucket red showed up a bit more than before :) I've never actually visited Nantucket, sadly - but I want to!

Nantucket Tablecloth PaperFinch Design

Nantucket Tablecloth | Starts at $80 | Shop it here

K: What are the top three words that come to your mind with Nantucket?

Well the obvious ones that come to mind are whales, lighthouses, and Wings (yep, the old TV show). But Nantucket gives me the vibe of a soft but moody ocean lapping at your toes. Eating lobster on the side of the road. And clambakes at night.

K: Who would this collection be good for?

A: I think this collection would work for anyone wanting that coastal feel in their home - whether they're on the water or they're smack dab in the Midwest. I designed this collection so that, although some of the pieces are truly nautical (the whale pieces, the lighthouse pieces), a lot of them just gently reference the ocean. I hand trimmed the pink marble pattern to resemble the ocean waves - but it doesn't scream 'ocean'. It just suggests it. I can definitely see this collection being used for outdoor dining or in a sunroom - which Nantucket residents would probably call a 3-season room.

Nantucket Pink Marble Pillow PaperFinch Design

Pink Pillow | Starts at  $39 | Shop it here

K: Which product design most surprised you?

A: The 2 piece print set featuring the pink marble. I had never done that kind of hand-trimming of a background before and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. That was the first piece that I had designed like that, so then I carried it over to the pillow (which might be my favorite things to design) and the tablescape.

K: Which product would you have in your home right now?

A: Probably the same answer as above, ha ha. It's just my favorite piece in the whole collection. Or the 'wicked' pillow. My bestie is from Cape Cod so I'd have it just so I could make her talk in her Boston accent - I love it when she does that. Not sure she does.

Nantucket Mugs PaperFinch Design

Set of 2 Nantucket Mugs | Starts at $27 | Shop it here

K: Collections in the past have featured prints, mugs, pillows and pouches. Even an occasional card, what brought on the thought behind a table cloth for the Nantucket Collection?

A: Going back to that feel of creating the "vibe" of a place - I feel like table decor is such a quick + easy way of transforming your eating space, without any permanent commitment. You can put out the Nantucket table cloth, runner, placemats, and napkins for a coastal dinner party, serving up lobster bisque and Cape Cod cocktails. Or you can leave it out all the time for a soft, soothing feel for your dining room.

K: What are some of your other favorite city collections?

A: So far I've made progress on Portland, New York, and Mesa. All names are subjective until the design is finished :) I kind of hop around working on them, based on where inspiration strikes. Right now I'm super excited about Mesa - it's a southwestern, dreamy boho type collection with some copper, iridescents, and a super fun 'aloe' pun. Once those are wrapped up, I’m tackling Charleston + Miami. Gotta get some of my Southern roots in there! And then, eventually, I plan on doing some international cities.

Where would my Finches like to go next?

If this hasn’t piqued your interest, take a look at the whole collection here. Comment below on what your favorite piece is!