Florida Strong


It's been over a year since Hurricane Irma hit Florida, but the points made in this Babe Crafted (formerly Boss Babes) blog are still super important. So we wanted to reshare. Happy reading, Finches!

Happy Boss Babe Wednesday! Today we’ve decided to share quotes about overcoming difficulty with you. Tampa Bay Times says half the state of Florida is still without power because of Hurricane Irma & we can only imagine the other difficulties those who have been hit hard by this storm are facing. When faced with challenges, we look to to our friends & loved ones to get us through. Each of the quotes in today’s post is from one of our previous Boss Babe Wednesday feature interviews with a local Boss Babe we admire. We hope their words inspire you to keep moving towards your dreams & give you some strength as you face whatever challenges are ahead. Stay boss. xx

Becky Daly | Daly Digs
As my momma would say, “keep on keepin’ on.”
Tampa, FL

Gayle Zerr | Florist Fire
You got this.
Tampa, FL

Jaclyn Montesano & Catherine McNew | Marigold Flower Co.
Jaclyn: Tomorrow is a new day!
Catherine: Slow down, breathe and focus.
Tampa, FL

Tara Britton & Kim Rydinsky | Market Mafia
Tara: It’s not that deep. Whatever challenge I’m facing, personally or professionally, that feels difficult most likely is “not that deep”. Put your big girl pants on, power through and remember tomorrow is a new day.
Kim: If you intake good, you’ll output great; so when I’m tired and discouraged and frustrated, I typically take to reading. Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Lamott are two of my favorite writers for encouraging words; that’s in addition to scripture which also provides comfort for me. Maybe in short, “this too shall pass”.
St. Petersburg & Clearwater, FL

Anna Coats | Marry Me Tampa Bay
I truly have my "dream job," so I try to remind myself what I could be doing if I didn't start my business (which isn't nearly as fun). No matter how amazing life can look on social media, every business owner has down days, weeks or even months. When I get into a funk or feel overwhelmed, I divert to my other Boss Babes for support. I'm very blessed to have a network of wedding bloggers and industry pros who bring me back to center and motivate me to continue on a forward path.

Tampa, FL

Jamie O’Berry | O’Berry’s Succulents
I can't think of many moments I would say something was difficult. Sometimes I tell myself to stop being a baby and get over something, but that's about it.
St. Petersburg, FL

Jennifer Reilly Kelmer | Oh Hello Events & The Weekend Creative
I always remind myself to place mind over matter. As long as you can keep yourself grounded, you can think yourself out of most problems.

Tampa, FL
Amy Braswell | PaperFinch Design
There are days I wallow, for sure. But I typically let myself cry it out, have some chocolate cake, and get over it. Most times I try to channel the energy into work. But that's not always easy, especially with running a business and raising a strong-willed two year old.
St. Petersburg, FL

Illene Sofranko | The Urban Canning Company
When things get difficult the first thing I tell myself is, "OMG, ok, I'm having a heart attack." But then I remind myself that I'm more of a journey kinda gal, not a destination kinda gal and difficulty is all a part of the journey. I try to stay level-headed and know that if I fail I can use that data to learn from in the future.
St. Petersburg, FL

Sourced by BabeCrafted: A national community of women entrepreneurs based in Tampa, FL. View more Babecrafted Blogs here!