Well, this is embarrassing.

I just realized...that I haven't updated this blog in almost 10 months. 10 months! That's around 300 days. If I were a hedgehog, I could have given birth 8 or 9 times during that time.

Well this is embarrassing.Image Credit www.hedgehogsaspets.com

Very cute. 

But still, embarrassing for me. And so much (so much!) has happened in those last 10 months that I can't even begin to catch you all up on it in one post. So let's just highlight the most important stuff, shall we? 

We adopted a baby. 

Adorable. Messy. Life-changing. And the main reason for the 10 month lapse in writing. Although he is only 5 months old...I guess those other 5 months are on me. 

And then, as if having a new baby wasn't enough, we also adopted a kitten. Crazy people, amiright? We had sadly lost our 18 year old cat Bailey and the remaining kitty was seriously depressed. Down in the dumps, eating his feelings, crying out for his friend sad. So we got him a kitten. So now we have a 5 month old baby and a 6 month old kitten.

Well this is embarrassing.Clearly this picture is old. They are both a bit larger these days.

So I think you all can understand the slight lapse in writing. (Yes, I did say 'slight' when referencing a seriously huge 10 month gap). But now I'm back. And I have a ton of new designs, some new employees (yep, employees!) and lots of stuff to chat about. 

So, I'll see you around?