Free Happy Holidays print with purchase

I have a thing for Christmas. Christmas and I, we go way back. It's is my absolute favorite.

I relocate my "office" during December so that I can sit next to the Christmas tree all day. And I may or may not watch Christmas movies non stop. NON. STOP. 

I just love the twinkly lights, the merriment, the cheesy movies, the fake snow...all of it. And I've never been able to fully decide if it's absolutely, wonderfully fantastic that Christmas is also my busiest time of year...or if I made a horrible decision, job-wise....because Christmas is my busiest time of year. But I know that I am so blessed to do what I love, from the comfort of my own Winter Wonderland, and that I'm only busy because of fantastic, amazing, super duper people like y'all! 

So as a huge Thank You for blessing PaperFinch with such an amazing 2014, I'm including a free 4x6 of this fun Happy Holidays print with every purchase this holiday season! Just pop it in a frame and BAM! Instant holiday art! 


Free Happy Holidays print with purchase


I hope you guys love the freebie - and I hope you love all your artwork from PaperFinch! We've got some exciting things in store for 2015!