22 Shops - 22 Giveaways!

Guys. Guys. YOU GUYS. 

I am part of a huge Instagram Loop giveaway today! What the heck is that, you ask? (Yeah, me too at first) Well, it's a loop. On Instagram. Where people are giving away stuff. 

You got that much from the title, right? Right. Moving on. So you head on over to Instagram - My IG page is a great place to start, by the way - and follow the directions in the comments. Don't worry, there's no Calculus or essay questions here - just a simple question for fun. Mine is "What's your favorite fall snack?" So be thinking about that as you head on over to my page.

After that, just click on the gorgeous graphic that Whitney with Gryphon Laine Jewelry made (she organized this awesome extravaganza!) and see whose page to hit up next. 

After that, you just rinse and repeat. So. Stinking. Easy! 


Here's the graphic to look for - And good luck everyone!

22 Shops - 22 Giveaways!