PaperFinch loves tea

It's true. I do. I love peppermint tea, I love chai tea, I love chamomile tea... whatever. If it's hot and steaming and made from leaves, I love it. Except for maybe dandelion tea. 

To be fair, dandelion tea, I've never tried you. You very well might be delicious. 

Anyway, to support my habit love of tea, we've designed a new teapot for our brand new zazzle store!  (By the way, we're selling on zazzle now) 

Here it is! Perfect for those cozy fall evenings by the fire. Or in the bathtub. Or by the space heater. (Can you tell I get cold during fall?)

Coral and Mint Autumn Leaf Teapot
Coral and Mint Autumn Leaf Teapot by PaperFinch
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