Hello, hello! How’s your week going, Babe? Fabulous, I hope. Every week we chat about a different topic. Last week is was all about the “F” word.. FOMO. You can check it out here. This week our topic is goals. It’s Pumpkin Spice season, so that means we’re in the homestretch! We checked in with 13 women about how their 2018 goals have been coming along. We also invited them to share a goal that’s currently in motion.

I hope you find inspiration in their goals & feel even more confident in your amazing ability to smash your goals. We’ll be rooting for you every step of the way. Stay boss. xx -G

Amy Braswell | PaperFinch Design // IG

“My goal of showing at a trade show is done (thank goodness - that was intense!). I put myself out there and I got a lot of different opportunities out of it. It was definitely humbling, exciting, embarrassing, and amazing... all at the same time. But I did it. And I'm still working on my goal of creating my e-course on “Weatherproofing Your Business”. I've talked on a lot of podcasts and at some conferences on this, but this is the first time I've attempted to build a course. It's scary!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Andrejka Hirschegger | Andrejka Photography // IG

“This year, thanks to Gina, my goals were set when we wrote future letters to ourselves back in March. I’ve kept that in mind all year. They’re more personal than professional, but by focusing on personal goals, my business has grown. I’ve learned that lessons learned in setting and reaching personal goals can easily be translated into the business world.

1 // Financials. By facing my fears around it and actually start learning opposed to ignoring. What did I do.. hire Heather S. Saunders! Best decision. If you can’t do it yourself, outsource and learn from the best. My knowledge around my finances has shifted 10 folds. I’m not perfect but I know now where I’m going and how to get there.

2 // Self Care. I’ve set physical goals, including facing fears around what my body is capable of doing and doing it… aka Rock Climbing. I’ve accepted I’m not perfect, it’s uncomfortable.. but  I need to keep trying and take care of my body. I’ve let go of comparing myself to other people in the gym. Remember, we are all have our own strengths and weaknesses and it’s impossible to be and do what someone else does. I’ve set nutritional goals. This own is tough. I did a 30 day challenge in the spring (you know the one… no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol, no nothing!) and have tried to stick with at least some of it some of the time. In doing this, it’s helped me be more conscious of what I eat, why I eat it, etc. I no longer just grab food on the run. My mindset about food has shifted.

3 // Sleep. I’ve made it a goal to get more sleep as well, even when I know I have an ever-growing stressful to-do list… I sleep! I walk away from my computer at night or I stay in bed a little longer.

So, where am I now? Still working on all 3 goals.  I’ve fallen off the wagon several times, but that’s what it’s about: falling off and getting back on. Two steps forward, one step back still gets me moving towards the ultimate goal of financial freedom and work-life balance.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Brittany May | Chocolate Soup // IG

“I took my past decade of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner and launched a new company Simply Happy Life this year to help support women who want to run successful businesses (but have a life, too)! I'm all about working smarter, not harder to achieve our goals. I'm currently working on putting together small, intimate workshops for women entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate and grow together to finish out 2018 strong!”

Washington, D.C.

Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter // IG

“One goal I have accomplished this year is finally putting plans into motion for filming my first online watercolor course. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS. Recently I met with a friend who is going to help me with filming and editing and make it a reality! I’m excited to offer something to anyone sitting at home, that I’ve until this point, only been able to offer in person. It’s gonna be a game changer people!! Another goal I’m working on is putting together a book proposal to pitch to a long list of publishers. This one is a little more daunting, but again, something I’ve always wanted to do! It’ll be in the realm of watercolor and creativity and I’m super excited to watch it come together.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Danielle Ferrari | Valhalla Resale // IG

“This year, Valhalla was lucky enough to be nominated for the Small Business of the Year put on by the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce this year. We were one of 450 other businesses nominated. It’s been an incredibly intense, competitive, and labor intensive competition. I’m looking forward to taking a relaxing vacation before the next big challenge pops up.”

Tampa, FL

Devin Pope | Kindred Word // IG

“I worked with a client to publish her first book and it's wonderful. Yes, I'm completely biased, but it's undeniably good! A goal I'm still working on is to firmly establish for myself a client offboarding system. It's amazing how long it takes me, sometimes, to write a case study or overview of work I've finished for Kindred Word Studio. I always enjoy reading examples and case studies from other entrepreneurs, so I really need to get on track myself.”

Phoenix, AZ


Erika Vidal Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes // IG

“I'm proud to say that I'm extremely close to meeting and exceeding my revenue goal for the year, but I am seriously slacking in my long-awaited rebrand because I'm so busy with client work. So I'm putting it out there: My goal is to have my new website launched by October 15!”

Tampa, FL


Gina Moccio | Babe Crafted // IG

“This year, lots of goals & ideas have come across my desk (and Trello board). Like, a lot. Some of them have been a great fit, and some of them haven’t. I’ve learned that distractions oftentimes first appear as opportunity, so I’ve had to remind myself to stay focused on my main goal, which is to provide all 60 of our women entrepreneur members with a membership experience that helps them feel more confident, supported, and that connects them with give back opportunities & grows their digital brand. If an “opportunity” crosses my path that doesn’t help me accomplish that, then it’s either dismissed or goes on the back burner for a later time. A goal I’m still working on for 2018, is to reach my goal of 75 members. Once this happens, the business I started just over one year ago will not only feed my soul, but also support me financially, and I’m getting very close! I’m continuing to grow organically and authentically, and am so excited to be a part of other business owners’ journey.”

Tampa, FL


Jai Lopa | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing // IG

“One of our goals for 2018 (we celebrated our one year anniversary July 1) was to develop our business enough that we replaced and exceeded the income that we were both previously making in the corporate world. Through a lot of sweat equity, client relationships and word of mouth referrals - we are so blessed to say that we have accomplished this goal. Our goal for the rest of the year is to maintain and continue this momentum and share the strategies that got us here with other small business owners.”

Tampa, FL

Joy Hmielewski | Joyelan // IG

“Goals I have accomplished this year are updating my website, creating a social media strategy, and building client connections in a new area. For the remainder of 2018 I am working on creating a workflow that fits my business and streamlines my post production and booking more weddings so I can offer more products in 2019.”

Tampa, FL

Maggie Sage | Sagebrushed // IG

“One of my goals for 2018 was to have Sagebrushed picked up by a national retailer. I met a buyer for Anthropologie’s Terrain at the National Stationery Show in May and she just placed an order in August! I’ve also grown my wholesale side from 20 to 46 retailers in 2018. I hope to reach 60 by the end of the last quarter.”

Tampa, FL

Melissa Jones | Glisten & Grace Design Studio // IG

“This year I’ve tackled the biggest list yet. As I look to Q4 of 2018, much of the list remains. It’s the busiest quarter for the creative industry. This year, I’ve expanded my blog to a rebranded website with full shop, courses, and digital products. I’ve wrapped a final internship year of post-grad work. In this quarter, I’ll be launching 2 e-courses, launch a physical holiday product, increase income by 5-figures, and produce amazing holiday content for brands. It’s going to be a busy few months, but I absolutely can’t wait.”

Redding, CA

Sonya Highfield | Real World Creatives // IG

“One of my goals in 2018 was to expand my speaking experience and travel for talks- I'm happy to say I'll have made it to 3 states spread over the US this year to talk on money mindset, plus I spoke at a bunch of local events and conferences as well as podcasts! My goal for the last quarter of the year is to run another successful round of my Financial Love online course and celebrate a big year of change & growth!”

Boston, MA


Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse // IG

“My goals are to end the year with a bang! We will have a new full time person trained and ready for the holidays. It will be our 3rd anniversary and we are so much smarter and stronger than when we started. So we are celebrating in a big commemorative way (stay tuned!) Of course we want to meet or exceed our revenue goals. We are also doing a holiday pop up in Ybor City this year so that will be a huge goal to accomplish!”

Tampa, FL

-September 19, 2018

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