Dear Diary, I have a blog.

Hey guys! If you're reading this right now, it probably means that you're either my husband or my mother. This being my first blog post, I think they're the only people in the world I can really bully into reading this ASAP.

No worries, the rest of you will come around! I hope.

The main goal of PaperFinch is to design some seriously awesome stuff for your home and parties. So let's not get crazy and expect one of these blogs every day. You never know, I might get inspired and do just that.
But let's be honest - probably not. I'll be too busy designing some seriously awesome stuff for your home and parties! 
If you've ever chatted with me, you already know that it's rare to find me without something to say. So I'm sure I'll be popping in here from time to time to just share my thoughts about life, design, art, maybe a nice book I read. Maybe I'll just post cute cat pictures. Who knows. 
Whatever it is, I hope you guys join me in the conversation. Because as much as I love to chat, I love to listen, too!
So here we go.....