Indiana + Peony state flower print


Introducing our Indiana + Peony state flower print!

Peonies stole the state flower spot from the zinnia in 1957. Pretty for a thief though, right?

And keep reading for a fun surprise!

Everyone has that one wall in their house that just stares at them, right? Looking embarrassingly naked...but you're just not sure what to put there? 

Well, we feel ya.

So we designed these premade gallery walls to save your sad + naked walls! Each set comes with one 11x14 print and four coordinating 5x7 prints - and they're all themed to fit your state. 

For Indiana, you get:

–11x14 print featuring the Peony, Indiana's state flower

–5x7 print featuring the Cardinal, Indiana's state bird

–5x7 print featuring the Tulip Tree, Indiana's state tree

–5x7 print featuring our Indiana home design

–5x7 print featuring our “The Hoosier State” Indiana watercolor design

And, here's the best part, you can grab them framed OR unframed. The choice is yours, friend.

Grab the full set here.

–These babies are all archival quality giclee prints

–You can purchase each print from the Indiana collection individually, too. Grab each one here: 

    –Check out each states' beautiful florals! They're all right here

    All items are packaged securely and shipped affordably. Priority and Expedited shipping is available upon request. Items may ship separately.